Monday, March 2, 2015

This is not a dream...I'm actually writing a blog post to update the void about my life

Well this is going to be short because it's late and I have two kids. Wow I can't believe I started this blog in 2010 and I honestly did nothing with it. I think I'm going to try and do more or maybe start a new blog where I can write on another topic. Naw, that sounds like wayyy too much effort to start another blog and I'd have to figure out how to change backgrounds again...

Well a little update on our little family (in no order whatsoever):

1. We have two kids!!! (Code names Rory and Gia) I honestly feel like I just graduated college or something and now I have two human beings that I have I have to keep alive and fed during the day. It's a lot easier than they make it sound though. I mean really as long as you have a tv and microwavable food you can make it! J/k!!! You actually also need a child/dog leash and a set of ear plugs.

2. We bought a house! You would think a woman who married at the age of 21 (don't freak out, that's normal or even a little late in Mormon years) would not be afraid of commitment but I had a panic attack when we went to put in our offer. I guess there is a little bit of free spirit in me.

3. I auditioned for Survivor. No call back, but the fact is I was in a casino at 7 am on a Saturday for the audition and I decided that whether I made it in or not, I was still making better life choices than those gambling at 7 freaking am.

4. I started watching the Bachelor and am obsessed. Not going to lie reality TV is my guilty pleasure. It's like people watching but I don't have to guess what they are thinking because everyone has word vomit.

5. Kyle has an awesome job and I stay at home with the kids. I LOVE IT! Never thought I would say that and my high school self is crying somewhere in the universe. But honestly have these little munchkins smile at me and love me is amazing. I just feel lucky to be at home with them and honestly am blessed. The only thing I miss is my daily commute. There was just something about listening to NPR every morning and driving my amazing Subaru Forester. Ira Glass I miss your voice on This American Life. #aintnobodygottimeforthat.

6. I'm a sucker for Costco samples. Not just I go and eat them, but now that I have money I find myself buying these items. "Soft pretzels? Delish! I love this new brand of hummus! I know Kyle would enjoy these breaded chicken breasts just as much as I am right now with Sweet Baby Rays. You said those all-fruit covered in chocolate ice creams bars are on aisle 5, right?" Disclaimer: I also own a Vitamix now and I use it all the TIME! Seriously thank you Ann and Fred Fickenwirth for the best birthday present, seriously the gift that keeps on giving. (I sat through the whole Vitamix presentation numerous times and Rory enjoys it just as much as I do ). And I literally bought everything I listed above and more in the last two years.

7. My iPhone 5 sucks but I can't commit to an upgrade. Not sure why I'm sharing this one, but I saw it and decided, "hey if they are still reading this list I'd be surprised." Did I mention my fear of commitment? Just not sure I'm ready to recommit to AT&T for another two years, but I really do need a new phone.

8. Oh this is important! I painted by toes teal the other day, I've never done that. Maybe I'm conquering this fear of commitment, I mean my toes will be this color for at least a month because, well I'm lazy and did I mention busy with two kids?

Thank you for reading about my amazing and eventful life. I'll try to update more when I have time or remember I have a blog.

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