Monday, March 2, 2015

This is not a dream...I'm actually writing a blog post to update the void about my life

Well this is going to be short because it's late and I have two kids. Wow I can't believe I started this blog in 2010 and I honestly did nothing with it. I think I'm going to try and do more or maybe start a new blog where I can write on another topic. Naw, that sounds like wayyy too much effort to start another blog and I'd have to figure out how to change backgrounds again...

Well a little update on our little family (in no order whatsoever):

1. We have two kids!!! (Code names Rory and Gia) I honestly feel like I just graduated college or something and now I have two human beings that I have I have to keep alive and fed during the day. It's a lot easier than they make it sound though. I mean really as long as you have a tv and microwavable food you can make it! J/k!!! You actually also need a child/dog leash and a set of ear plugs.

2. We bought a house! You would think a woman who married at the age of 21 (don't freak out, that's normal or even a little late in Mormon years) would not be afraid of commitment but I had a panic attack when we went to put in our offer. I guess there is a little bit of free spirit in me.

3. I auditioned for Survivor. No call back, but the fact is I was in a casino at 7 am on a Saturday for the audition and I decided that whether I made it in or not, I was still making better life choices than those gambling at 7 freaking am.

4. I started watching the Bachelor and am obsessed. Not going to lie reality TV is my guilty pleasure. It's like people watching but I don't have to guess what they are thinking because everyone has word vomit.

5. Kyle has an awesome job and I stay at home with the kids. I LOVE IT! Never thought I would say that and my high school self is crying somewhere in the universe. But honestly have these little munchkins smile at me and love me is amazing. I just feel lucky to be at home with them and honestly am blessed. The only thing I miss is my daily commute. There was just something about listening to NPR every morning and driving my amazing Subaru Forester. Ira Glass I miss your voice on This American Life. #aintnobodygottimeforthat.

6. I'm a sucker for Costco samples. Not just I go and eat them, but now that I have money I find myself buying these items. "Soft pretzels? Delish! I love this new brand of hummus! I know Kyle would enjoy these breaded chicken breasts just as much as I am right now with Sweet Baby Rays. You said those all-fruit covered in chocolate ice creams bars are on aisle 5, right?" Disclaimer: I also own a Vitamix now and I use it all the TIME! Seriously thank you Ann and Fred Fickenwirth for the best birthday present, seriously the gift that keeps on giving. (I sat through the whole Vitamix presentation numerous times and Rory enjoys it just as much as I do ). And I literally bought everything I listed above and more in the last two years.

7. My iPhone 5 sucks but I can't commit to an upgrade. Not sure why I'm sharing this one, but I saw it and decided, "hey if they are still reading this list I'd be surprised." Did I mention my fear of commitment? Just not sure I'm ready to recommit to AT&T for another two years, but I really do need a new phone.

8. Oh this is important! I painted by toes teal the other day, I've never done that. Maybe I'm conquering this fear of commitment, I mean my toes will be this color for at least a month because, well I'm lazy and did I mention busy with two kids?

Thank you for reading about my amazing and eventful life. I'll try to update more when I have time or remember I have a blog.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finish this sentence..."It never hurts"

I thought in response to my last blog post I would see what good 'ole Google had to say about "It never hurts."

I must have been away from the internet for too long (being an at home mom and all), but it wasn't as funny as I thought it would be. But since I need to be honestly and publish what I found (I guess my ethics class did stick) I will give it to you straight.

It never hurts:
1. help
2. ask
3. keep looking for sunshine
4. hurt sometime

Lame, I know, sorry! But the one that did intrigue me was to keep looking for sunshine. After a little searching I discovered Eeyore said this (it's on the internet so it must be true).

But even more fun I found this blog (or something, what is Tumblr classified as? Told you I've been out of the loop). That really just has fun things posted on it to look on the bright side of life. So if you find you need to waste more time the internet or a little smile I bet you could head on over for some laughs (or watch the first Twilight, that always makes me laugh).

Again sorry there weren't funnier results or better commentary. Maybe because it's after midnight and I'm not really a night person and I tend to ramble and create run on sentences. Also looking at funny GIFs are a good way to waste time...

Fat cat goes through flap door

It never hurts to ask

I really do live by the "no regrets" mantra. Not to be confused with YOLO (Connor I know you have that shirt in your closet, burn it). To me, It's more about being brave when it comes to that moment in your life. We all know those moments, when we have the chance to take action or say something that could have a huge impact.

Today I've been thinking a lot about those decisions thanks to my friend Nat Harward posting a video about one courageous Vanderbilt student. This student, in a crowded room of his peers, asked the amazing Billy Joel if he could accompany him on "New York State of Mind" and the talented Mr. Joel said "okay." And BAM! Six minutes later this student has an amazing experience.

If you watched the clip you also see how amazing of a live performer Billy Joel is, but I digress...

I love that this happened and that we have this wonderful devices call the cell phone to capture these awesome moments. But it's more than this single experience that moves me, it the moxy of this kid. I mean who usually has the gumption to get up and ask anyone of greatness something of this measure? Moving forward Michael Pollack (Vanderbilt student/soon-to-be YouTube sensation) will have the courage to ask for what he wants in life and for lack of a better term grab life by the horns. So my hat is off to you Mr. Pollack, I'm sure you will be success and maybe BFF with Billy Joel.

I've come to many of those points in my life (taking pictures with celebrities count, right?) and what better way to choose your action than look at the possible outcomes. Basically saying "what's worse that could happen?" Sometimes it is as simple as being told no and maybe a little bit of embarrassment. (*Editor's note: a quick escape plan is also needed at times, such as asking a girl from school on a date, save yourself--and the girl in this case-- too much awkwardness by asking her at the end of class instead of the beginning).

I think though even if you don't get the result you would like you will likely have two positive outcomes:

1) You gain respect- Even if someone tells you no or you fail miserably, people know you tried. Maybe no one in that room respects you, but maybe you will have that failure to bring up in a job interview (for some reason they always want to know about your failures) or at the very least your mom will be so proud.

2) You know the answer- whether it was a question to someone else or a question if you could do something, you know. I am such an inquisitive person, that it physically hurts sometimes when I don't know the answer. (*Editor's note: You don't always need an answer and it won't always help. Learning to move on sometimes is a much better solution. Also, sometimes people don't have the answer--I'm referring to specifically getting dumped or fired).

I am thankful everyday that I was born with an analytical and curious mind that has allowed me to live boldly and freely. I have been able to land jobs, internships and even my eternal relationship with my husband because I don't believe in leaving my destiny to the "what ifs" or "if onlys" on my path. So let this Billy Joel moment remind us all to leave our fears behind to enjoy all that life has to give.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finish this sentence: "I'm going to have..."

So I thought I would do another one of these posts because that was something I wanted to obviously do a bit ago (but again, I am a lazy blogger). So I thought in honor of my baby-to-be I would start the sentence that I was going to have a baby. So here is how Google finished those sentence in reverse order (for suspense of course!):

"I'm going to have..."
4. ...a bf
3. ...a coronary
2. block you
1. ...tacos for dinner

Can I just say wow? I really thought baby would be in there somewhere. But I guess what really takes the cake is number one.

To understand why this is so popular you need to be up on current events and it all has to do with a pesky PR problem for one Mayor Joe Maturo of East Haven, Conn. I don't think the best response for what he was doing for the Latin American community was eating tacos for dinner. This incident did happen back in January, so I am surprised it is still that popular, but there you have it.

*My favorite is "to block you," I think we all think that when we have some relative who posts way too much personal information on Facebook.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I guess since it's New Year's day I should post...

This isn't a resolution or any indication I will blog more, but I wanted to write a little update so when I finally get around to blogging seriously I won't have so much to write.

Here are a few things that happened in 2011:

1. Kyle got an internship at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratory in May. He loves it and is doing very well there.
2. We found out in Sept that we were expecting a baby and found out it was a baby girl on Dec. 20. We are very excited and she is due to arrive on May 3.
3. In August we adopted the cutest dog on the planet named Charlie (well we named him Charlie), he is a mix between a long and short haired dachshund. We don't know his actual birthday, so we are saying he is two years old today :).
4. We've actually lived in a place for a full year now, very nice to not have to move.
5. We went to Cancun, Mexico, for Thanksgiving as a last big vacation before children join our family.

As you can see we have been very busy but mostly blessed this past year. 2012 is going to bring a lot of changes to our lives, but we are excited for the upcoming adventure.

I will try to blog more, but again no promises!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finish this sentence..."How to make"

I've decided that with my newly expressed love for Google I would have a little fun with a reoccuring post (not sure how often) of "Finish this sentence" Basically I will start to type a phrase into Google's instant search and write down the top things...pretty simple and pretty darn hilarious!
And of course what fun is writing them down in order, they will instead be a countdown!

4. How to make a toga
3. " paper snowflakes
2. " pumpkin seeds
1. How to make Jello Shots!

So obivously I added the exclamation point, but isn't that funny, so there are thousands of people out there looking on Google how to make jello shots. Glad that Google was even there to help finish there sentence :)

Can I just SAY....I love the internet!

GOOGLE is amazing! So here I am just typing into my favorite search engine, Google (of course) that is what Edward uses *gush*) how to make my blog cute and yada yada and am like what is special in this day according to Google who has this nifty little picture

And I would like to think that my Humanities 101 class (thank you crazy Dr. Burns) has taught me at least to appreciate the more famous artists but looking at this picture I am just stumped as to who they might be alluding to. So of course I click on it and it is....Paul C├ęzanne! He is a French Impressionist artist that lead to an important art movement in the 19th century and that lead to something else artistically important.

So obviously art appreciation isn't my point, though I must point out that my knowledge of art is better than those who don't know Jackson Pollock (if you don't know any modern artist you should at the very least know who he is so you sound educated) but I find it just amazing that I was probably going to finish my night out watching Dr. Who (brilliant British television) and looking up tips on beautifying my blog and this little nugget of information literally falls on my lap in the form of electronic/internet digitalness.

What a glorious world we are living in that I can learn something new everyday of the year and not really have to pay anything for it and honestly not be looking for it but it finds me. I honestly feel so blessed to be born into a world that allows me to turn on a laptop and find information about Paul Cezanne and whoever else I feel like stalking or whoever feels like stalking me :)